Create Amazing Addons

for Visual Composer and use our library of 100+ perdefined addons

Create Addons

Learn how in 5 minutes
you can create your own
custom addon.

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Addon Library

Browse a library of 100+
predefined addons we created
just for you.

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Addon Library

More than +100 predefined addons to get you started.

Video Tutorials

Learn how to use addon creator in 3 easy steps.

100+ Addons
to get you started

We created a special library of more than 100 addons to get you started. Sliders, Galleries, Accordions and anything you can imagine. Setup is quick and easy.

Create any Jquery
Plugin into a Addon

Creating addons is as simple as 1.2.3. Download any jQuery plugin from the web and copy the code files into addon creator. Before you know it your addon is up & working.

Create Addons
In Less than 5 Minutes

We wanted to make a tool that allows any beginner in HTML to create an addon very quickly and simply. This unique tool is one of a kind and the only one in the market.

Fully Integrated with
Visual Composer

Addon creator was built specifically for Visual Composer and works seemlesly. After installation it works out of the box and you dont need configure anything to get it to work.

Generate Custom
Attributes in Secounds

To help you out we created field types that you can customize to create your clients the tools they need to manage there website withouy bugging you every week.